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Diesel fuel additives

Welcome to TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd, an agent for Total Power, Inc.

TPx Synthetic Fuel
Products: designed to save you money and shrink your carbon footprint.
Lower fuel usage by 3%-8%
Lower emissions by 20%-55%

We have three primary products, namely :

    TPx for petrol and paraffin

    TPx HD for diesel and biodiesel blends

    TPx HDNTek for heavy fuel oil and Bunker C

One products for multiple use

All TPx products contain a high-count of oxygen molecules, fuel stabilisers and detergents to vastly improve the performance of any fuel system. TPx products facilitate combustion, treat a multitude of fuel-related problems and improve performance while lowering emissions at the

Fortifying partnerships

Creating simple customer-specific fuel solutions

Implementing efficient and rewarding energy management tools is crucial to successful operations. TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd’s expert personnel meet at clients’ sites to work with fuel and lube superintendents, equipment managers, and environmental departments. By understanding specific processes, equipment and fuel requirements, we are able to prioritise and tailor a smart and effective customer-specific solution. From cost management and emission control to a complete fuel management system.

We partner with each company to jointly specify the proper equipment for precision blending, storage and containment. According to each client’s requirements, we can monitor and report on tank levels, blending accuracy, exhaust emissions, and fuel utilisation. Within all industries around the globe, our interaction can be as detailed or distant as our clients need.

New Product

TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd announces new FMx Fuel Management System

TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd now offers FMx: Hosted Fuel Management System™ engineered to remotely monitor critical assets of your operation including all fuel and lube transactions. Using the same technology found in huge refineries and power plants, FMx is a self-powered, wireless, and hands-free solution that provides a remote monitoring and data acquisition system for fuel dispensing, inventory control and equipment performance. FMx uses an event driven software protocol with backfill technology so bandwidth requirements are very small and data is never lost. FMx integrates easily with the majority of all ERP software such as SAP, Oracle or Elipse. Gathering accurate, real-time data is crucial for conditioned-based decision making. Not only is every FMx installation customised per each client’s needs, but the reporting features are tailored to each operation.

One planet to improve

Diesel powers the majority of mobile equipment and HFO (heavy fuel oil) provides the energy for the largest power plants in the world. TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd provides the advanced chemical engineering solution for improving the quality and duration of those fossil fuels we all use.

Our 100% active, biodegradable formulas are designed with industrial volumes in mind. No fillers, petroleum distillates, or corrosive metals to worry about.


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