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TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd, an agent for Total Power, Inc.

Driving industrial efficiency and sustainability through technologically advanced engineering


Total Power, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the sole purpose of developing the most advanced fuel treatment system in the world. The South African branch was opened in 2010
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In-House Development

Our proprietary formula was developed in-house by Dr. Marcos Dantus, Ph. D, a Nobel Signature Award recipient. Dr. Dantus is an expert in ultrafast chemical reactions. His research in chemistry and nanotechnology inspired him to develop a unique and completely synthetic fuel product that has no equal anywhere in the world.

Products and Distribution

Our product offerings—three unique TPx synthetic fuel products and FMx, our Fuel Management System—comprise the bulk of Total Power’s product offerings. For over 17 years we have grown steadily and serve clients in over 25 countries.

Our products are used in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas

TPx is not industry, equipment or fuel-type specific. Total Power’s proprietary products are used in many diverse fields including: private industry, mining, agriculture, fishing, marine, rail and ground transportation, governmental agencies, power generation, and bulk fuel suppliers.

Every month, Total Power treats millions of liters of petrol, diesel and heavy fuel oil around the globe.

Sustainability at No Cost

We partner with our clients to help them achieve greater sustainability and reduce their spending. Total Power provides an immediate drop-in solution to eliminate waste. We know that companies and individuals are concerned with helping the environment, but many are unable to take on the additional cost this often generates. OUR PRODUCTS PAY FOR THEMSELVES. The money our clients save in fuel and maintenance costs is greater than the cost of the products. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Well, we have a seventeen year track record of doing just that. So why aren’t we treating the world’s fuel? We would love to! We hope that all of you will spread the word to help our planet and improve the air we breathe