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Clean-Burning Fuel Lasts Longer

TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd’s fuel products integrate seamlessly into your fuel to provide lower carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) resulting in an eco-friendly emission profile. Emissions are reduced by 20% - 55%. Our products are safe and easy to use; they are 100% biodegradable, non-flammable and not hazardous. Clean fuel lasts longer, and TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd’s products make fuel more efficient so less fuel is consumed.

Our 100% active, biodegradable formulas are designed with industrial volumes in mind. There are no fillers, petroleum distillates, or corrosive metals to worry about.

Eco-Friendly Diesel

CT Energia to Supply Peru with TPx Treated Diesel

CT Energia, in partnership with EcoPetroleum, a local distributor with over 30 years experience in the distribution of hydrocarbons, announced that it will import and distribute its unique ultra-low-sulfur-diesel (ULSD) with TPx additive to Peru, providing local industries a reliable, alternative fuel choice that improves equipment efficiency, reduces emissions and meets B-5 S-50 Peruvian standards. The additive, TPx adds indispensable lubricity to the new low-sulfur fuel.

“Ultimately, one of our main objectives is to care for and preserve the environment through better fuel, reaffirming that together we can improve the world in which we live,” said Alessandro Bazzoni, chief executive officer for CT Energia. “We look forward to working with EcoPetroleum and the people of Peru to advance the country’s industries and economy, through the supply of more eco-friendly fuel.” To read more aboout CT Energia, please visit www.ctenergia.com


Lima, Peru: Sept. 10 "El Comercio" News - Ecopetroleum providing TPx HD-treated low sulfur diesel.


ServoTech’s study shows an enormous reduction of CO and NO using products.

Download ServoTech’s Effect of Diesel Additive on Emissions

Field and Lab Test Data

Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

Watching the Earth breathe and measuring carbon dioxide from space.

OCO-2 is now in orbit after successfully launching on July 2 from Vandenberg Air Force Station, California. OCO-2 is NASA’s first mission dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide, the leading human-produced greenhouse gas driving changes in Earth’s climate. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we are confronting. The overwhelming majority of emissions come from burning fossil fuels. Climate change is already manifest in weather changes and acid rain. Transportation disproportionately relies on fossil fuels.

Humans release nearly 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. The amount varies from nation to nation, but that averages about 5.5 tons per person. Earth’s land surface and ocean absorb about half of these emissions. OCO-2’s measurements will show scientists where this carbon dioxide comes from (the sources on Earth) and where it is absorbed out of the atmosphere and stored (the sinks). For the latest on the mission, please visit oco.jpl.nasa.gov

We’ve Been Counting Emissions Wrong

August, 2014 Article in Newsweek

According to Douglas Main from Newsweek: “All the world’s power plants will put out 300 billion additional tons of carbon dioxide during their lifetimes—a massive amount of carbon dioxide that isn’t taken into account by current schemes to regulate these emissions, according to a study published Aug. 26 in the journal "Environmental Research Letters". The study is the first to calculate this figure for the world as a whole. That’s the equivalent of 10 years of human emissions...”www.newsweek.com/weve-been-counting-carbon-dioxide-emissions-all-wrong-266850