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Industrial Applications

Industrial equipment like power generators, boilers, and furnaces using diesel and heavy fuel oils are all under constant pressure to go green.

It is not economically feasible to simply remove functioning equipment for newer technology or switch to different power sources.

Any disruption to the production caused by clogged injectors, filters, or scrubbers must be addressed immediately in order to keep facilities operating efficiently. Preventative maintenance and fuel quality control is crucial in keeping equipment operating around the clock 365 days a year.

Industrial Challenges

Total Power will help industrial companies solve the following challenges:

  • Reduce fuel consumption in any diesel or heavy fuel oil burning equipment.

  • Treat vanadium in internal combustion engines as well as in boilers and furnaces.

  • Reduce maintenance costs of the fuel system including storage tanks, lines, filters, injectors and scrubbers.

  • Reduce toxic emissions including carbon monoxide, particulate matter (opacity), SOx and NOx.

  • Control corrosion in heavy fuel oil equipment and greatly reduce toxic ash.

TPx HD and TPx HDNTek have been used successfully for many years by leading industrial giants worldwide. From manufacturing and power generation to a variety of industries that are concerned with the bottom line but want to improve their carbon footprint we have the solution.