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Solution Driven Partnership

At TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd we take pride in having a thorough understanding of the engineering and regulatory challenges our clients face.

During Needs Assessment Meetings, our technical teams work hand-in-hand with clients to review all fuelling installations, challenges faced, and deadlines by which to have the solution implemented. Each client has a uniqueness which requires implementing a simple yet complete customer-specific solution. TPx Total Power (PTY) Ltd can design and install entire fuel management systems from small manual dosing pumps to complete sophisticated fuel dispensing and monitoring systems for bulk fuel suppliers.

On-site verification


Nothing explains the health of a fuel system like the exhaust, the area that is most easily and frequently overlooked in the determination of a fuel system issue. Our synthetic products have been proven to work time and time again under strict laboratory conditions. All of our technicians are trained to perform accurate and dependable exhaust emission analyses using EPA certified portable emission analysers. Because our corporate HQ is in California, we are fully trained in current and up-and-coming air quality requirements. By routinely monitoring our clients, we can provide them with relevant information that they can use in managing their fleet or installations and assuring that the operation is running as efficiently and sustainable as possible.


The use of TPx Synthetic Fuel Products is not expensive: in fact there is no cost because, through improved fuel efficiency, you recover much more than the entire investment. The range of savings varies due to the type and quality of fuel and the different types and conditions of the equipment, but we have hundreds of industry-wide and world-wide field studies that document a greater savings than the cost of the products.